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  • Succeed with Facebook During Mega Sale Events

    Every year, shoppers take advantage of mega sales events and other events across the globe. As part of our commitment to help managed clients and agencies maximize the benefit of our apps and services. This course is designed to advise...

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  • Scale Your Advertising Efforts with Ads Manager

    Learn how to use free tools to help you collect donations and enable supporters to fundraise for your non-profit. The module will also teach you how to scale your organization and drive tangible results with the help of Facebook Ads.

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  • Branded Content for Advertisers

    Learn the fundamentals of branded content for advertisers and why it’s important to marketing strategies. We’ll also cover how to find and build partnerships, Facebook branded content tools and policies and how to measure the impact of Branded Content...

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  • Start Your Advertising Journey with Facebook

    Facebook Ads Manager allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place and publish ads to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. In this two-day immersive workshop, you’ll gain a 360-degree understanding of how to grow your business...

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  • Leanne Purkis, Magic Arts Studio

    Leanne Purkis is an artist and teacher who has been teaching crafts to her local community since she was a teen. For 15 years, she’s brought the joy of creation to her local Bucks County, Pennsylvania through Magic Arts Studio....

    • Frictionless Purchasing

      Your purchase forms may be making it too hard for your most loyal readers to support the journalism they love. Optimize how your audiences sign up, subscribe and donate and watch your reader support soar.

      • Xác định mục tiêu kinh doanh đo lường được

        Các mục tiêu được xác định chuẩn nhất đều tuân theo quy tắc cơ bản, đó là: cụ thể, đo lường được, khả thi, phù hợp và có giới hạn thời gian. Trong khóa học này, chúng ta sẽ tìm...

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        • Duration 7m
        • Intermediate
        • Award
      • Benchmark Your Performance

        This lesson will prepare you to use Leaderboards to benchmark your performance on CrowdTangle.

        • Duration 5m
        • Advanced
      • Engage Your Supporters With Facebook

        Learn what goes into creating an effective Facebook strategy to ensure you get the most out of your online efforts. This class is packed with practical tips to strengthen relationships with your supporters and motivate online talent to actively promote...

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      • Michelle Klein, Facebook

        Michelle Klein is the VP of Global Customer Marketing at Facebook. In this role, Michelle sets the global vision and strategy for how Facebook connects people and businesses across the ecosystem of agencies, marketing partners, and advertisers big and small....

        • Back to Better: Five Strategies to Boost Sales with Taylor Graham

          In the past few months, small business retailers have experienced decades of change. If you own a physical store, an online business—or both—you’ve likely had to pivot quickly to keep your business going. In this session, discover 5 quick strategies...

          • Rating 4.0
        • The Changing World with Sheryl Sandberg

          Hear from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on how the company is committing to helping businesses re-emerge stronger than ever from the COVID-19 pandemic.

          • Rating 5.0
        • Power your Advertising with Data (Signals)

          Maximize the effectiveness of your clients’ advertising efforts with a data driven marketing approach. In this workshop you’ll learn how to leverage the actions people take on your clients’ website or app to drive real business outcomes and measure...

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        • Multicultural Affinity (US only)

          Multicultural Affinity is one very important behavior set that Facebook allows marketers to target within the United States.

          • Duration 5m
          • Beginner
        • Alur Kerja Operasional

          Gunakan pelajaran ini untuk menerapkan konsep yang diperlukan untuk mengelola alur kerja operasional guna menjalankan komunitas Anda secara efisien.

          • Duration 5m
          • Beginner
        • Stärke mit Facebook die Umsatzziele deines Kunden

          Wie kommunizierst du mit deinen Kunden, um sowohl deinen Erfolg als auch den deines Kunden zu sichern? Die Antwort beruht auf wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen. Um dir den Einstieg in wissenschaftlich fundiertes Verkaufen zu erleichtern, stellen wir dir in dieser Sitzung ein...

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