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  • Catalog on Facebook

    Facebook has created the catalog tool to continue to provide solutions that help businesses sell products online. Catalogs can help businesses create meaningful connections between their customers and their product inventory. It helps businesses to find high intent shoppers who...

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  • Insights from Facebook

    As you navigate our data-driven world, a thorough understanding of customer preferences can help you streamline your marketing plan.In this course, you’ll learn about various available tools and resources that can lead you to relevant insights on consumer activity...

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  • Keeping Businesses and People Safe on Facebook

    Facebook strives to create a safe and welcoming community for the almost 3 billion people who use its platform around the world. This session will equip you to talk confidently with your clients by describing how Facebook addresses brand safety...

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  • Succeed with Facebook During Mega Sale Events

    Every year, shoppers take advantage of mega sales events and other events across the globe. As part of our commitment to help managed clients and agencies maximize the benefit of our apps and services. This course is designed to advise...

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  • Measurement and Analysis on Facebook

    One of the main strengths of online advertising is the ability to measure user interactions. In this course, you learn how Facebook centers its measurement and reporting around people and how you can focus on the metrics that align...

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