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  • Create for a Mobile World

    Create content for a mobile world by using high quality creative in your mobile marketing campaigns. You will learn to design content that aligns to user behavior and incorporate creative best practices when designing for mobile. Please note that this...

    • Duration 27m
    • Rating 4.5
  • In-Stream Reserve: Diversify your Video Investment with Facebook

    Learn how In-Stream Reserve helps brands diversify their video investment in ways that complement their TV and online video advertising strategies, what ISR is and how it works, and explore success stories from brands that have used ISR to...

    • Duration 25m
    • Rating 4.2
  • Power your Advertising with Dynamic Ads

    Learn what dynamic ads are and how they can help you achieve business goals. Explore different creative formats to deliver relevant, personalized ads to your audience. Additionally, you'll learn best practices in setting up your dynamic ads campaign in...

    • Duration 22m
    • Rating 4.7
  • Commerce Messaging For Businesses

    Conversational commerce is about connecting with people through chat by building effective conversational commerce campaigns and establishing a strong commerce presence on Facebook messaging platforms. This virtual training provides you with an overview of how to build a powerful...

    • Duration 33m
    • Rating 5.0
  • Creative Strategy - Measure Creative Impact

    There's no question that good creative can significantly improve campaign results. This interactive workshop will help creative strategists acquire the skills needed to use measurement and testing to optimize the effectiveness of their ad creative and achieve provable results for...

    • Duration 31m
    • Rating 4.9
  • Advertising Policies

    Learn how to distinguish between restricted and prohibited content on Facebook platforms.This training will give you the tools needed to recognize the common reasons why ads are not approved and identify your options when this happens. To sum up,...

    • Duration 1.1h
    • Rating 5.0
  • Creative Strategy - Good Brief to Great Creative

    Explore ways to write briefs that inspire and guide agency teams to help improve campaign success. This workshop will give you the opportunity to practice writing strong business and campaign objectives, defining a target audience, writing key performance indicators and...

    • Duration 34m
    • Rating 4.2
  • Advanced Matching for the Web

    Advanced matching for the web enables advertisers to match Facebook users to pixel events, in cases where the pixel alone cannot perform the matching. Complete this course to learn about options, setup, troubleshooting and more. Please note that this...

    • Duration 25m
    • Rating 3.0
  • Catalog for Dynamic Ads

    Dynamic ads use your online catalog to automatically generate ads that show product recommendations tailored to each person in your target audience. This course helps you prepare, setup and troubleshoot a catalog for dynamic ads, so you can show...

    • Duration 1.3h
    • Rating 5.0
  • Technical Pixel Implementation and Troubleshooting

    The pixel helps you track conversions on your Facebook ads, optimize your ads for people most likely to convert and generate audiences to better target your ads. This course helps you setup, implement and troubleshoot the pixel so you...

    • Duration 1.3h
    • Rating 5.0
  • Build a Business Presence on Social Media

    This lesson explores the value of having a business presence on social media. You will learn how to create a customer persona that attracts a quality audience on Facebook and Instagram. You will also learn how to define a...

    • Engage an Audience on Social Media

      This lesson helps you identify tactics to build relationships with their audience on Facebook and Instagram through organic engagement. You will also learn how to measure awareness and audience engagement.This video is suitable for entry-level learners, including job seekers...

      • Create Content for Facebook and Instagram

        This lesson helps you understand the importance of sharing engaging visual content on social media, and offers tips for developing it. You will also learn the difference between brand voice and tone, and best practices for developing written content...

        • Rating 5.0
      • Facebook Advertising: Objectives and Budget

        This lesson introduces you to Facebook advertising objectives, discusses how they align with the customer journey and explains how to choose a campaign objective based on a business goal. You will also learn how to set up an ad...

        • Rating 5.0
      • Facebook Advertising: Audience and Placements

        This lesson explores the differences between Core, Custom and Lookalike Audiences, and when each is most appropriate based on the ad objective. You will learn where different ad placements appear across Facebook apps and technologies. The value proposition and...

        • Rating 5.0
      • Measurement

        This lesson helps students develop an understanding of ad performance using the reporting tools in Ads Manager. They will also learn how to analyze ad results based on success metrics along the customer journey.This video is suitable for entry-level...

        • Rating 5.0